Rebar & Wire Mesh

We supply stock and fabricated rebar and wire mesh nationwide. No job is too big or too small.

As a full-service rebar shop, we are able to provide virtually all forms of rebar and wire mesh including galvanized and epoxy-coated materials.

In most cases, we’re able to offer same-day local delivery of stock items.

Call Crimson Steel Supply at 918-994-5330 or use our Contact page for a quote or if you have any questions on timing or capabilities. Allow us to meet your rebar needs.

Standard Stock Items:


  • Grade 40 – #3-#5
  • Grade 60 – #3-#11
  • A706 – #3-#11
  • #3 Hoops (12” and 18” Diameter)
  • #4-#5 Deformed Dowels (2’ 6”)


Wire Mesh (8’ x 20’ Sheets)

  • 6×6-10/10 (W1.4/W1.4)
  • 6×6-8/8 (W2.1/W2.1)
  • 6×6-6/6 (W2.9/W2.9)
  • 6×6-4/4 (W4.0/W4.0)
  • 4×4-4/4 (W4.0/W4.0)
  • 4×4-6/6 (W2.9/W2.9)

Structural Steel

Crimson Steel fabricates structural steel components for use mainly in highway and roadway projects. These components include, but are not limited to, expansion joints, handrails, and grates. Our structural steel items are custom-made for your project.

Call Crimson Steel Supply at 918-994-5330, or use our Contact page, to get the structural steel items you need to complete your project.